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Those have most power to hurt us, that we love. ------ 我们所爱的人,却最具有伤害我们的力量。

t is not easy to meet each other in such a big world. ------ 世界这么大,能遇见,不容易。

The chase was mad, mad now retire. ------ 曾经发了疯的追,如今拼了命的退。

Life is too short to wake up in the morning with regrets. So, love the people who treat you right and forget about the ones who do not. ------ 生命太短,没留时间给我们每日带着遗憾醒来。所以去爱那些对你好的人,忘掉那些不知珍惜你的人。

My weakness is that I care too much. ------ 我的弱点就是太在乎了。

Life is not always what we want it to be. We fight. We cry. And sometimes, we give up. But in our hearts, we know it's still love. ------ 生活有时不尽如人意。我们挣扎、哭泣,有时甚至放弃。但内心始终充满爱。

I love you, always have always will. ------我爱你,一直很爱你,以后也会很爱你

Sometimes, I feel like a little girl who needs protection. ------ 有时候,我觉得自己跟个小女孩似的,渴望有人保护。

really wonder why people suddenly change after they get what they wanted. ------ 我真想知道为什么人一旦得到他们想要的,就突然变了。

If I say leave me alone,actually I need you more than at any time. ------ 如果我说我想一个人静一静,其实我比任何时候都需要你。

This is who I am. Nobody said you had to like it. ------ 这就是我,没人说非要你喜欢。

Trust is like a piece of paper, once it's crumpled, it can't be perfect again. ------ 信任就像是一张白纸,一旦皱了,它就不可能再完美。

Thinking too much of others makes you nothing in their eyes. ------ 把别人看得太重,结果在别人眼里自己什么都不是。

Don't be a woman that needs a man. Be a woman a man needs. ------ 不做需要男人的女人, 而做男人需要的女人.

We met at the wrong time, but separated at the right time. The most urgent is to take the most beautiful scenery, the deepest wound was the most real emotions. ------ 我们在错误的时间相遇,在正确的时间却又分开。 走的最急的是最美的景色,伤的最深的是最真的感情。

Love is not about“it's your fault,”but“I'm sorry.” Not “where are you,” but“I'm right here.” Not “how could you,” but“I understand.” ------ 爱情不是 “都怪你...”,而是 “对不起” 。不是 “ 你在哪儿... ” ,而是 “我在这儿”。不是 “你怎么能...”,而是 “我理解”。

Forgiving is easy. Trusting again, not so much. ------ 原谅是容易的。再次信任,就没那么容易了。

I prefer having your accompanying for life-long time to the short-time tenderness. ------ 我要的,不只是短暂的温柔。

I want to be his favorite hello and his hardest goodbye. ------我要成为他最心动的相遇,最不舍的离别。

Grow old along with me, the best is yet to be. ------ 执子之手,与子偕老。

Three things in life when gone never come back: time, opportunity, and words. ------ 人生有三样东西不可挽回:时间,机遇,以及说出去的话。

Don't pray for easy lives, Pray to be stronger men. ------ 不要祈祷生活的舒适,(而应)祈祷自己变得更加坚强。唯美的句子

Others can work for you, but can not feel for you. Walk on our own way in life, success rely on themselves to win. God helps those who help themselves, successful self-help. - 别人可以替你做事,但不能替你感受。人生的路要靠自己行走,成功要靠自己去争取。天助自助者,成功者自救。

I want someone who's afraid of losing me. ------ 我希望找到一个担心失去我的人。

One of the best feeling in the world is when you're hugging the person you love, and they hug you back even tighter. ------ 世界上最美妙的一件事是,当你拥抱一个你爱的人,他竟然把你抱得更紧。

You’re more than a shadow, I’ve just to believe. ------ 我坚信,你不会只是我生命中的一个过客。

Others' fairy tale is romantic always , and mine is miserable always.------ 别人的童话永远都是浪漫的,而我的童话却永远都是凄凉的。

The next gerneration I want to be your tooth, at least, I am sad, you also hurts.------ 下辈子我要做你的一颗牙,至少,我难受,你也会疼。

The more you care, the more you have to lose. ------ 在意的越多,失去的就越多。

My weakness is that I care too much. ------ 我的弱点就是太在乎了。

Good things come to those who smile. Have you smile today? Keep smiling. ------ 好事情总是发生在那些微笑着的人身上。你今天微笑了么?(^-^) 保持微笑哦。

A man who truly loves you will never let you go, no matter how hard the situation is.------ 如果一个男人真爱你,永远不会丢下你,不管情形有多难。

I`d rather love someone I can`t have than have someone I can`t Love. ------ 我宁愿爱上一个我不能拥有的人,也不想拥有一个我无法爱上的人。

When a girl tells you about her problems it does not mean that she complains.She trusts you. ------ 当一个女孩向你倾诉她的烦恼,那不是抱怨,那是她对你的信任。

Don’t tell me how great I am before you plan to abandon me. ------ 别说我很好,我很好你为什么不要?

Life is a long journey. Don\'t waste your time waiting for people who are not willing to walk with you.------ 生活是一场漫长的旅行,不要浪费时间,去等待那些不愿与你携手同行的人。

Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there. ------ 好朋友就像是星星。 你不一定总是能见到他们,但你知道,他们会一直在那里。

If you want something you've never had, then you've got to do something you've never done. ------ 如果你想要你从未拥有过的东西,那么你必须去做你从未做过的事。美到心痛的句子

The truth may hurt for a little while but a lie hurts forever. ------ 真相会让我们痛一阵,但谎言令我们痛一生。

Don’t waste your time on a man,who isn’t willing to waste their time on you. ------ 不要为那些不愿在你身上花费时间的人而浪费你的时间。

I wanted to tell you all my secrets, but you became one of them instead ------ 曾经,我想和你分享我的所有秘密,但现在,你成了我心底的秘密。

It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eyes.------ 一个人只有用心去看,才能看到真相。事情的真相只用眼睛是看不见的.《小王子》

In life we all have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream andan unforgettable love. ------ 人的一生,都有一些说不出的秘密,挽不回的遗憾,触不到的梦想,忘不了的爱。

If you love someone,we should love him just the way he is, accept his strengths as well as his weaknesses.Try not to make them in the 'ideal' image in your eyes,but love him 'as is'如果你爱一个人,就要爱他原来的样子;爱他的优点,也爱他的缺点,绝不能因为爱他,希望他变成自己所希望的样子

If you hate me, you're the loser,not me.------Avril 如果你恨我,那么你就是失败者,而不是我。-------艾薇儿

People cry, not because they're weak. It's because they've been strong for too long. ------ 哭泣,不代表脆弱,只因坚强了太久。

Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes your heart smile. ------ 别倾心于容貌,因为它具有欺骗性;也别倾心于财富,因为它终究也会消散,倾心于那个能带给你真心笑容的人吧!